ATM 419/563 - Applications of Numerical Weather Prediction, Spring 2021

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Course information (updated for 2021)

Course syllabus

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Sea and land breeze circulation, and Experiment #1

Planetary boundary layer and surface layer parameterizations, and Experiment #2

Real-data WRF KANSAS test case (Part 1): Setup and run

Cloud microphysics

The Real-data WRF Checklist!

Advanced real-data WRF: Indiana test case, and Experiment #3

Real-data WRF KANSAS test case (Part 2): Verification with MET

Interlude: Modeling fundamentals, error sources, and troubleshooting

"Storm of the Century" case: nudging, SKEBS, model levels, diffusers/dampers, and Experiments #4 and #5

Linear and nonlinear instability demonstration

Cumulus schemes, and Experiment #6

Miscellaneous and final project information [Updated for 2021]

The MPAS model

Course resources

Passwordless logon to headnode (or other computers)
GrADS home page
WRF Users page
WRF namelist reference
WPS namelist reference
How to use the vi editor
FileZilla file transfer app (Mac, Windows, Linux; free)
Transmit file transfer app (Mac only, not free but very good)
Vapor home page (requires creating free account)
NCAR data archive (RDA) (requires creating free account)
NCEP/NCDC NOMADS NWP model archive
MADIS data archive

My home page

Papers cited during this course (last updated Spring 2019)

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